K-wasser GF composite fiber pipeline system USESBorealis chemical raw materials, and its advantage over ordinary PPR pipeline lies in that the intermediate layer is made of special amorphous inorganic fiber layer, and the linear expansion coefficient is 0.05mm/mk, 1/3 of ordinary PPR pipe 0.16mm/mk.When using pipes, it will not cause bending deformation due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in leakage at joints. Three-layer co-extrusion technology not only has all the advantages of traditional pp-R, but also has many other advantages.Higher performance also.

k-wasser GF composite fiber pipeline has the advantage over the ordinary PPR pipeline in that the intermediate layer is made of special amorphous inorganic fiber layer. GF composite fiber pipeline can be used for 50 years under the temperature of 95℃ and pressure of 1.6mpa, 20℃ higher than the pp-r pipeline. Temperature resistance and pressure resistance are greatly improved, which enhances the stress characteristics of GF tube under long-term high temperature environment and the external force strength under low temperature environment.


More comfortable

Large bend structure design, reduce water flow mechanical design, reduce the influence of water hammer at the corner; Smooth flow, reduce flow noise and increase water flow by 30%;


More healthy

High quality CW671N brass inserts, without nickel plating, in line with European drinking water standards;

more secure

Unique multi-ring mouth dovetail design, unique transverse and longitudinal multi-mouth anti-twisting design, never leakage.

Easy to connect

It adopts the same hot melt connection mode as the traditional pp-r products, which can be applied quickly and installed easily.