Since its inception, K-WASSER has been committed to MLP, PPR and PERT and other water supply and heating products design, development, production and sales. K-WASSER's MLP pipeline system is manufactured in Germany and has a large market share in Europe and North America. K-WASSER TECHNOLOGY CO. was established in Thailand to produce PERT and PPR pipes and accessories to meet global growth needs. With German equipment and technology, K-WASSER has advanced production and development capabilities in water supply and heating pipes. K-WASSER and the United States co-developed antimicrobial pipes, which has anti-bacterial effect, widely used in the hospitals. THe production of Glass Fiber PPR pipes have low expansion coefficient and high temperature and corrosion resistance, are widely used in large ships internal water and heating and aircondition systems. Raw materials selected by K-wasser are strictly according to European standards( Such as BOREALIS and AMPACET). Innovative productsof K-wasser are introduced to the world every year. K-WASSER has always maintained the spirit of rational, rigorous, continuous improvement, pursuit of perfection and strict requirements for quality. All drinking water pipe products are certified by TUV in Germany, WRAS in the United Kingdom and NSF in the United States. Many achievements have been made in the field of pipes technology.

Brand History


KWT Group Headquarters was established in Frankfurt Odd。


Production line set up, specialized in water supply and drainage products


Special linear drainage system for villa invented and invented


Research, development and production of PPR pipeline system into the market


German unification, Berlin conference building took the lead in using KWT products


Development and Production of GF Composite Fiber Pipeline System


Explore the international market, enter the North American market


It is regarded as the most beautiful railway station in the world Germany Berlin central railway station takes the lead in using KWT product


Open up the international market of new BMW headquarters in Germany Successful use of KWT products and establish a leading position in the industry


Bangkok's landmark MahaNakhon tower is used KWT products mark the entry into the Asian market


Innovative invention of MLP water supply pipeline system, with 55 national patents worldwide


Establishment of Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Darlingcan District, Bangkok, to open up Asian markets